Social Security Qualifications

Greenville, Anderson, and Spartanburg, South Carolina, and Surrounding Counties

Spartanburg Social Security AttorneyThe laws governing qualification for social security disability benefits can be extremely confusing when determining if you or a loved one meet the requirements for eligibility.

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There are basic guidelines that have been established by the United States government for applicants to use in determining their eligibility to receive social security benefits. These requirements involve:

  • Your social security history
  • The degree of your disability
  • Your potential to earn alternative income
  • The duration of your disability

Social Security History

You must have contributed to the social security program through paying your taxes in order to receive benefits. There is a predetermined amount of work credits that you must have obtained to qualify. Your work credits will depend on your age at the time you became disabled. This is calculated by how long you have been paying taxes toward social security. You can find this information on your social security statement.

Degree of Disability

You must be able to prove that your condition or impairment is recognized by the federal government as a disability. If you are only partially disabled, you do not qualify. You must also prove that your disability interferes with or prevents you from sufficiently performing the duties of your job.

Potential to Earn Alternative Income

When you apply for social security benefits, a government representative will be assigned to work with you. This person will use established guidelines to determine if you may be able to perform the duties of another job position to replace your original trade. To qualify for benefits, you must be unable to sustain any type of regular work performance.  Determining factors include:

  • Your age
  • Your skills
  • Your background
  • Your education
  • Duration of Disability

You may qualify to receive social security disability benefits for the duration of time that you are considered legally disabled and unable to perform the duties of a regular job. If a medical professional can verify that your condition and prognosis have improved sufficiently for you to work, your benefits will be discontinued.

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