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Anderson Slip and Fall AttorneyAt The White Davis & White Law Firm of Anderson, South Carolina, we know how painful, expensive and financially destructive a slip and fall accident can be when the responsible party refuses to honor their responsibilities.

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Slip and fall liability generally falls on the party responsible for the location where the accident occurred. If you were injured from a damaged city sidewalk, the city may be held liable for neglecting to maintain the repair of the sidewalk. If you were injured on the property of a friend or neighbor and you were not informed of the danger that caused your injury, the owner may be held liable if precautions could have been taken to avoid it.

Property Owner Responsibility

In cases where ice and snow have accumulated as a result of current weather conditions, the owner is not often held responsible for any injuries. However, if the hazardous conditions continue to exist once the weather is no longer a factor, the owner is then considered negligent if he does not maintain the area.

In most cases, the law states that the property owner is responsible for and should have known about the dangerous condition once it has existed long enough that a reasonably responsible and careful person would have been informed about it or discovered it on their own.

Another example of owner responsibility relates to a store owner and his/her employees. If an employee was notified of a dangerous condition on the store premises (indoors or outdoors) and the condition was not addressed, the owner is still responsible. In this case, it helps to be able to prove that the owner knew about the problem and neglected to take action.

When You Need a Lawyer

If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident, you may have mounting medical bills and be unable to work due to your injuries and need the money a fair settlement can provide. A slip and fall injury can be a difficult case to prove when fighting a large company or corporation.

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