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Anderson Nursing Home AttorneyOne of the most difficult decisions any family faces is when the time has come to consider placing an elderly loved one in a nursing home. The most effective and preventative action you can take is to thoroughly investigate the facility. You have the legal right to do so and the lawyers at The White Davis & White Law Firm in Anderson, South Carolina, encourage our clients to be proactive in the battle to prevent nursing home abuse and neglect in this country.

Please contact us if you or your elderly loved one has been the victim of nursing home neglect or abuse.

Never take anything said or witnessed at face value during your one hour visit with the marketing director, and the fifteen minute tour that follows. There are other methods you can employ to properly assess a facility's practices and level of care and concern for their patients.

Meet Those In Charge

The administrator is the person ultimately responsible for the facility, the actions of the staff and the well-being of the residents. You should meet with this person directly and ask as many questions as possible. Question how often the Medical Director visits the facility and evaluates the daily routines and practices in the facility.

Speak with the Director of Nursing. This person is responsible for monitoring the entire nursing staff. Question the number of registered nurses and nurse's aides working on each shift. The majority of problems occur during the evening and overnight shift. Question the number of staff members that work during these hours and ensure that there are enough to handle medical emergencies as well as assist residents who need help performing normal daily tasks.

Make Unannounced Appearances

Visit the facility during odd hours such as evenings and weekends. These will provide the best opportunities to determine efficiency, cleanliness and staff numbers that typically exist.

Be sure to pay attention to residents who are bedridden. Are they well-adjusted and coherent, clean and well groomed? Is fresh, cold water readily available to them? Also, speak with at least one current resident and their family. Ask them about the quality of food, care and staff interaction they receive on a daily basis. Find out if the family has had any problems with staff or anyone else at the facility.

Be aware of any restricted areas in the facility and question their existence. No area in the buildings should smell of urine or other bodily fluids. Any unsanitary odors should be cause for concern.

Another proactive measure you can take is to investigate the dining hall and the residents who are present. Things to consider are the cleanliness of the area and the quality of food.

Finally, contact the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and ask for reports of prior annual inspections they have made of the facility you are considering. If you suspect nursing home neglect and abuse, do not hesitate to contact The White Davis & White Law Firm and schedule a free initial consultation with our attorneys.


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