Anderson Criminal Defense Attorney

Greenville, Anderson, and Spartanburg, South Carolina, and Surrounding Counties

The job of the criminal defense attorney is to ensure that the rights of the accused are upheld. The accused person has the right to be represented and defended in a court of law against all charges. We believe that our clients are innocent until proven otherwise and will take our experience to the fight in your defense.

The Repercussions of a False Accusation

Being accused of a criminal act can ruin your life as you know it, especially if you are innocent of the charges against you. Family, friends and co-workers may begin doubting you.  Depending on the field in which you work, you could lose your job based solely on being charged with a crime. You may also never find another decent job if you are found guilty of a crime. Your life can be changed forever based on the words of another person.

If you have been wrongly accused of a criminal offense, your entire life, including your career, your family and your reputation can be destroyed even if you are found innocent.  We will dedicate our time and experience to gather facts, research and analyze evidence in order to prove your innocence.

Criminal Acts

Criminal acts that require tough, experienced representation from The White Davis & White Law Firm include, but are not limited to:

If you have been accused of any of these criminal acts, contact The White Davis & White Law Firm, representing criminal defense clients in the Greenville, Anderson, Spartanburg, and surrounding counties in South Carolina, as soon as possible so that we may begin building a case in your defense.